Yours to Count On

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The Call to Become a Committed Christian


“Yours to count on.”

That’s how Jeb Stuart signed all of his correspondence with General Robert E. Lee.  What a concise—yet complete—definition of what commitment is. General Lee could give Stuart the hardest most difficult assignments, and he knew that Stuart would always come through.

General Stuart was known for his commitment.

Are you known for your commitment? Since commitment is the core consideration to your success as a Christian, it is vital for you to understand the place commitment has in your life. In this three message series, Mac Hammond delves into the details of commitment and shows you:

  • What God wants you to be committed to
  • Two ways people remain uncommitted to God
  • The most basic supply you bring to your local company
  • How God helps you fulfill your commitment

As you become a committed Christian, you’ll watch God’s blessings begin to abound in your life. Don’t sit back and wait for God to move in your life; make commitment a priority in your life today!


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