What in the World Is Happening?

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Who Is Our Enemy?

No matter where you look—the latest headlines, the nightly news, or national news websites—you can find stories of bombings and bloodshed, calamities and casualties happening throughout the world daily.

The chaos causes many people to wonder, What in the world is happening?

From politicians to celebrities, all of them want to give their input. We’re over saturated with opinions about what we should and shouldn’t do. But who is right? In these timely messages, Mac Hammond brings us a biblical view to the confusion in today’s world by showing us:

  • Who America’s enemy is in this war on terror
  • What the Bible has to say about Islam, Christianity, and Judaism
  • The truth behind terrorism and what it means for you personally
  • Two dangerous perspectives of life that must be dealt with

Be confused no longer. Adopt an accurate, Bible-based understanding of the big picture of life from which to correctly view the world’s events. Get this series and find out .


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