Unmasking Deception

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How to Align Yourself With God’s Plan for Protection and Direction


Civil authority. Parental authority. Spiritual authority. We are all exposed to various types of authority throughout the course of our lives. God designed authority to protect and direct. The enemy of our soul, however, seeks to subvert authority and promote rebellion for the purpose of deception and destruction.

There is nothing the enemy would like more than to make you consistently question or ignore God’s purpose and plan for authority. The result of ignoring authority would result in chaos and confusion in your home, your business, and your community. Ultimately, deception will touch your life.

In this three-part series, Mac Hammond unmasks the enemy’s tool of deception and reveals God’s plan for your protection. In it, you’ll learn:

  • Why (and how) God uses offices of authority to keep you from deception
  • The three key elements needed to enable authority to work for you
  • Two scriptural provisions that will keep your life “deception proof”
  • The common mistakes you inadvertently make that usurp authority
  • How to properly exercise the authority you’ve been given

When you properly relate to authority and effectively exercise the authority you’ve been given, deception cannot touch your life. Get this series today and choose to embrace God’s clear plan for your protection and direction.


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