The Realm of Angels

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Their Mission, Message, and Ministry to You


Angels. Seven out of every ten Americans believe in them. Books and magazine articles have long been written about them. The problem is, most of what has been taught about angels is distorted, misguided, and outright false.

Even believers are woefully lacking in knowledge about the powerful beings the writer of Hebrews calls, “ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation.”

In this series, Mac Hammond sets out to set the record straight and open our eyes to the vital but little-known services and blessings angels are commissioned to provide.

The Realm of Angels: Their Mission, Message, and Ministry to You is a fascinating and thorough exploration of this timely subject. In this 9-CD series, you’ll discover:

  • How to be more aware of the activity of angels
  • The role angels play in salvation and deliverance
  • How to “loose” angels through prayer
  • The only two things angels are able to bring you—and why you definitely want one but not the other
  • How to appropriate and cooperate with angelic protection from danger

Don’t let another day pass without the knowledge of how angels can work on your behalf. Get this series and let God’s invisible army fight
for you.


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