The Mysteries of God

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Unveiling the Hidden Principles of the Kingdom of God

Ever felt like you needed to be a detective to interpret God’s will? Confused by the phrase sowing and reaping? Unsure of how to receive your blessing after giving in the offering? God has deemed to keep certain things hidden from all men, but that doesn’t have to include you. In fact, He reveals Himself to those who position themselves to receive His revelation.

How do you position yourself to understand these mysteries? Mac Hammond takes a deeper look into the revelation ministry of the Holy Spirit, and how we can position our lives to receive from His ministry. He covers:

  • How to pursue God’s will once you’ve received revelation of it
  • Heart conditions that enable the Word of God to produce fruit in your life
  • Spiritual antidotes for the “weed seeds” life brings your way
  • How to reap your harvest after you’ve sown seed and watered it

Stop searching for a codebook that will explain the Bible. Listen to this series and find out how you can solve the mysteries of God!


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