The Chemistry of the Blood

Product Description

God’s Precious Provision for Power


The blood of Jesus.

You’ve probably heard multiple teachings on it as well as sung various songs about the blood. But you’ve never heard it explained like this.

In The Chemistry of the Blood, Mac Hammond shows you the striking parallels be­tween the natural role of human blood and the supernatural role of the blood Jesus shed for us. He also provides practical instruction on how to appropriate the blood’s power to nourish, cleanse, and protect you.

You’ll be amazed as you discover:

  • The three sources of power that God has given every believer
  • The only thing that will unlock the power of the blood
  • What you are redeemed from and what you are redeemed to

These messages will revolutionize your thinking about the blood of Jesus. After listening, you’ll begin to better understand—and then activate—the wonder-working power of the blood.


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