The Care and Feeding of Expectancy

Product Description

Stepping into God’s Promises for Your Life


Are you fully walking in the promises of God?

If you aren’t, there is an element that works in conjunction with faith that must be present for you to see the completed promises of God in your life. What is that element?


Mac Hammond examines how you can be sure to grow your expectancy to a place where you are ready to receive the promises of God in your life. In this two-message series, you’ll learn the connection between faith and expectancy and how these two things affect your life. You’ll also see:

  • How your thinking affects your expectation
  • Three keys to increasing expectancy in your life
  • How to be more heavenly-minded than earthly-minded
  • Where negative expectation comes from

Since expectation is the final indicator as to whether or not you’ll be walking in the promise of God, it’s vital that you learn how to care for and feed your expectancy. As you do, you’ll find yourself walking out the will of God for your life.


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