Soul Control

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Controlling Your Destiny by Controlling Your Body


Whoever controls your soul controls your destiny — everyday. Contending for control of your soul are two opposing forces: your spirit and your body.

God’s plan is for the Holy Spirit to control your soul through your spirit. Therefore, He labors through your spirit to influence the choices your soul makes.

Satan, on the other hand, labors through your body and your body’s contact with the world through physical senses. As the god of this world, he manipulates people and circumstances to convince you of the decisions he wants your soul to make.

But most Christians don’t have the foggiest notion how any of this works, nor how to live controlled by the Spirit. Consequently, They can’t distinguish between the voice of the Holy Spirit speaking to them through their spirit, and the voice of their body screaming at them constantly making its own demands. The result is a life dominated by the body, and all that has been programmed into it since conception!

In this revealing series, Mac Hammond gives practical instruction into how to change who controls your soul — and determines your destiny. He’ll teach you how to:

  • Identify if people are controlling you — and how to stop them
  • Recognize your body’s voice — and how to turn the volume down
  • Determine if you are living dominated by your body
  • Control your body with four proven methods

When the Holy Spirit controls your soul, your body becomes a servant to the plan of God in your life. So, change your destiny today. Change who controls you!


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