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Revive Us, Oh Lord

Product Description

A Stirring Study of Revival in These Last Days


We can’t dictate when revival will come or what it will look like. The timing and magnitude of revival is up to the Lord, and it is the only thing that will ultimately bring the kind of social reform that is needed on a large scale.

What will it look like? Who will be a part of it? What will your part be? Mac Hammond addresses these questions and many others in a stirring study on what revival is and how we can position ourselves to not only be recipients
of but instruments in a revival.

You’ll learn:

  • The difference between a “move of God” and revival
  • The definition and purpose of the anointing
  • What drains us of the power of God
  • What the enemy does to negate corporate anointing

Too many Christians view revival as icing on the cake, something that tastes sweet but isn’t really necessary. What they don’t realize is that revival must occur in order for mankind to realize God’s purpose in this earth. That’s why our cry must be Revive Us, Oh Lord!


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