Perfected in Love

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How to Express Love Effectively in Different Types of Relationships

The heart message of the God kind of love is understanding the great importance of being willing to perceive and to meet the needs of others.

It is a love that gives—without limit, without selectivity, and without expecting anything in return.

But to do this effectively, we must recognize there are different needs present depending on the type of relationship. We are to love (or give to) people differently when they are under our authority, when we are under their authority, and when we are their peer.

Mac Hammond lays out practical ways to respond in love to others, at all levels. In this second volume of the Perfected in Love series, you’ll discover:

  • The way love honors with a good heart attitude as well as with actions
  • Eight different ways of loving those under your authority
  • The importance of respecting and honoring the offices of authority you are under
  • The three main ways to love your peers

Anything you want out of life by the hand of God—anything that is aligned with the will of God—is going to come to you only to the degree to which you’ve been perfected in love.

Listen and apply the truths in this dynamic series, and learn how to express love effectively in all situations.  As you do, you will position yourself for more of His purpose being accomplished in your life.


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