Is There Not A Cause?

Product Description

Achieving the Impossible Through Vision, Faith, and Passion


Believers who achieve the impossible almost always have a cause—a high, God-given purpose that propels them to excellence and victory. In this powerful 3-CD series, Mac Hammond opens the Word to show you how identifying and pursuing God’s high purpose for your life will cause you to achieve the most impossible of dreams.

In this series you’ll discover:

  • Keys to identifying God’s high purpose for you.
  • The three elements that make up your personal cause.
  • How to recognize counterfeit causes.
  • How faith and passion work together to make your God-given vision a reality.
  • How to cultivate godly passion.

People of purpose aren’t born that way. They become that way by applying the biblical principles you’ll find in this series. Get it and discover the keys that will literally transform the shape of your life.


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