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God’s Principles, Purpose, and Pathway to Prosperity


“Its offering time,” the very mention of these words puts a shiver down some Christians’ spines. For many they represent a gimmick for church fundraising, a time where something is “taken” from them. For others these words are a reminder of their consistent challenge to actually be cheerful about giving. And of course there are some who are so attached to their money they bristle at the concept of God requiring us to “bring our tithes to the storehouse.”

Yet the liberating truth is that God’s will for His children is increase, sufficiency, and abundance in every area of their lives. His Word clearly tells us so. But it doesn’t come through waving your hand around and wishing it to be so. The Word states that increase comes through aligning our lives with the Bible’s principles of prosperity. A vital step in this process is being sure “offering time” is not a religious ritual but rather an investment of our heart.

This two-CD volume by Mac Hammond is a compilation of more than 30 offering messages that will help reveal the pathway to becoming the cheerful giver God has called you to be. If you desire to move beyond grudging religious ritual, if you desire to begin the journey toward having… all sufficiency in all things, then these giving nuggets are for you.

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