Effective Communication

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The Master’s Key to Becoming a Master Communicator


Few things have a greater impact on your level of success in life than your ability to communicate well. It affects your happiness in marriage, your effectiveness as a parent, your upward mobility on the job, and prosperity in the marketplace.

They used to call Ronald Reagan “The Great Communicator,” but the one who truly deserves that title is God. He created language and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that His Word contains some keys that will help you master the uncommon art of communication. That’s what the surprisingly practical series by Mac Hammond is all about.

As you listen, you’ll discover:

  • How to identify wrong communication patterns
  • Ways to detect and correct your most common communication mistakes
  • The five little-known biblical secrets of master communicators
  • The amazing power of “speaking the truth in love”

Even if you’ve never been good at expressing yourself… even if it doesn’t come naturally to you, you still have the capacity to become an excellent communicator. Get this series and start learning the secrets of Effective Communication today!


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