Breezing Through the Storms of Life

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5 out of 5
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You’re sailing along without a care in the world. Things are going well. Life is good. Suddenly the dark clouds of trouble gather on the horizon. Before you know it, you’re in one of life’s storms.

Jesus warned us that the storms of life come to everyone. But just because a storm of trouble assails the boat of your life, that doesn’t mean it has to sink it. In fact, the Word of God offers the believer some principles that can cause you to breeze right through the storms of life. That’s what this exciting series of teachings by Mac Hammond is all about.

Here in Volume 2 of this two-volume series, you’ll discover five priceless elements that make for a rock-solid, stormproof life. You’ll also learn:

  • The power of discipline
  • The trap of religion
  • The quality of consistency
  • How to stay strong by staying filled

Don’t wait until a hurricane of trouble threatens to shipwreck your hopes and dreams. Get this series and start Breezing Through the Storms of Life today.

1 review for Breezing Through the Storms of Life

  1. 5 out of 5



    I am a missionary serving Rhema Europe. I am thrilled to have available these great teachings. Having been on the mission field for 7 years and having no book stores etc available this is a great blessing. My wife and I travel to Minnesota every time we return to visit pastors and friends who support us and always enjoy taking in a Twins game.
    Thank you so much and God richly bless you all,
    Tom Wieber
    Rhema Europe, Africa and the Middle East

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