Birth of a Promise

Product Description

How to Conceive, Expect, and Deliver the Promises of God


The Bible is full of promises—promises of health and healing, of spiritual and material prosperity, of protection and deliverance for you and your children, and promises of blessing for every area of your life! You may know those promises forward and backward, but the question is: are they coming to pass in your life?

Are God’s wonderful promises being born into the circumstances of your life? In Birth of a Promise, Mac Hammond examines the life of Mary, the mother of Jesus, and shows you how she became the very first person to have a promise from God come to life within her. As the model of “spiritual pregnancy,” Mary will become your model for bringing forth the promises of God in your own life.

In this 3-CD series, you’ll discover:

  • How to plant the Word of God in your heart to bring about the “conception” of a promise
  • How to nurture the seed of God’s Word to avoid “spiritual miscarriages”
  • Keys to avoiding “spiritual barrenness”
  • What to do in the midst of your “due season”
  • Apply the lessons you’ll learn in Birth of a Promise and you’ll soon find yourself “pregnant” with precious Bible promises and glorious God-given dreams.

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