A Covenant of Blessing


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Viewing Life Through the Large Context of God’s Covenant


Natural disasters. Personal exhaustion. Corporate upheaval.

Often people encounter tough situations like these and begin thinking, “Where is God in the midst of all this?” They know God is a loving God, but don’t know how to reconcile natural circumstances with that truth.

As Mac Hammond explains in this series, we don’t have to be confused in the midst of turmoil. Often, we simply need to reestablish the context within which we view the circumstances of our lives—our covenant of blessing with the Lord. Within that context, we will begin to better understand why things happen, but also how we can better position our lives for increase amidst those circumstances. In these five messages, you’ll learn:

  • Where blessing comes from
  • Why many people experience limited blessing in their lives
  • Three principle components of blessing
  • Why God wants you to operate within your covenant
  • The difference between Abraham’s covenant and your covenant

If you want circumstances in life to become clearer for you or you simply want to be more prepared in confronting the challenges of life, take time to change your paradigm and begin to view life through the context of your covenant of blessing. You will watch God bring increase to your life in amazing ways!


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