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How to Create a Faith-Filled Environment


Why are we here? Where did we come from? What happens after we die? These are just a few of the questions Mac Hammond answers in his series Eternity. He covers topics such as creation vs. evolution, angelic ministry, the dateless past, the dateless future, what heaven looks like, and how we fit into the overall big picture of God’s plan.

It’s important to answer questions such as these because anywhere a question mark exists in your life, you’ll find a potential open door for the enemy to undermine your faith by introducing doubt and fear. Learning about Eternity will establish a foundational understanding of why we’re here on this earth and ultimately enable the puzzle pieces of your life to fit together as God has planned.

What Happened in the Present Time of Eternity?


God knew when Adam sinned that He would need a plan to redeem mankind from destruction. That’s why He set in motion the present eternal ages—the part of eternity that is marked by time. In teaching this portion of his series Eternity, Mac Hammond answers questions such as, “Why was Jesus born to a virgin?” and “When is He coming to back to earth?” and “Is marriage really that important?”

Learning about the redemptive power of the blood of Jesus—and truly understanding the bridge between the eternal past and the eternal future—will change our experience of life, help us better understand why we’re here on this earth, and enable the puzzle pieces of our personal lives to fit together as God has planned.

What Will Happen in the Eternal Ages to Come?


What is the goal of life on this earth? What is the reason for the judgment of the nations? What about the earth getting burned by fire? Inside volume 3 of his Eternity series, Mac Hammond takes a look at the eternal ages to come, including what the Bible says about the judgment of the nations, the millennial reign of Jesus on this earth, and the Great White Throne judgment. He even goes into what will happen after all of these specific events have passed, somewhere in the dateless future.

God wants you to have a clear understanding about your future because as you fill your mind with things that have to do with your eternal destiny, it cultivates a stronger desire for God and orients your life down the path of His will!

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